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good morning, america. and happening now, day of reckening. jerry sandusky sentenced this morning. saying he's being treated like a monster. firing back at all his accusers in a defiant statement from behind bars. >> in my heart, i know i did not do these alleged disgusting acts. >> this morning, he faces off with his victims in court. abc news exclusive. brand-new video showing that missing colorado 10-year-old, jessica ridgeway, who vanished on her way to school five days ago. her mother appears in public for the first time. supersonic skydive. he jumps from a balloon at the
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edge of space. the pressure so low, if it suit fails, he'll blow up. what makes him do it? and cramming backstage for a star turn like he's never done before, our special "gma" guest host. rob lowe, joining team robin this morning. and he's been practicing. >> it can't be that hard. stephanopoulos does it. good morning, america. rob lowe getting inside my head right there. he's inside my office this morning. making himself at home. studying up. oh. we are going to have some fun this morning. he is so game. it's going to be great. good morning, everybody.
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robin's recovering from her bone marrow transplant. great to have amy robach here. >> thank you so much. dramatic turn in the race for the white house. mitt romney pulls into the lead in the latest poll. they had him behind eight points in mid-september. coming off his big debate win. and both president obama and mitt romney head to the crucial battleground state of ohio today. also, more fallout from the nasty wedding brawl, all caught on tape. one of the guests is now charged. and new pictures of the bride just moments after the mayhem. look at that. and we also are hearing the death threats with "dancing with the stars." big emotion for bristol palin, under so much strain right now. and mysterious white powder sent to her. we're going inside that story. >> that's strange. let's get right to jerry sandusky. he's speaking out before his sentencing this morning, convicted on 45 counts of sexual abuse. sandusky still insists he's innocent. abc's jim avila has been
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covering this story from the start. he's outside the pennsylvania courtroom, where sandusky will appear later today. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, george. we expect from his attorneys and also from his public statement last night that jerry sandusky will be defiant and also unapologetic this morning. and now, abc news has obtained a portion of what one of his victims is expected to tell the judge. from victim 5 this morning, i hope and pray when your honor sentences mr. sandusky, you consider the real harm he's done to me and others and take into account the tears, the pain and anguish that i and others have suffered. clearly, this will not be an ordinary sentencing. >> i'm responding to the worst loss of my life. >> reporter: jerry sandusky, firing back for the first time since he was found guilty of 45 counts of sexual abuse against children. the former penn state coach, now says he didn't get a fair trial. says he has been unjustly treated like a monster. in a statement released to the
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university radio station late monday, calls one of his victims a veteran accuser, seeking attention. >> in my heart, i know that i did not do these alleged disgusting acts. my wife has been my only sex partner. and that was after marriage. >> reporter: later today, sandusky is expected to deliver a similarly defiant statement before the judge who holds his life in his hands. refusing to apologize or admit any guilt. >> we didn't lose to proven facts, evidence, accurate locations and times. >> reporter: abc news has learned that facing sandusky today will be at least one, and as many as six, of his ten victims. >> it is preposterous to suggest that ten separate victims, their families, their parents, their lawyers, the prosecutors, the press, and everyone else con conspired to somehow convict mr. sandusky. >> reporter: even sandusky's own attorneys expect a harsh sentence. and they're concerned his words
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may do him more harm than good. >> the accusers were products of many more people and experiences than me. look at their confidants and their honesty. think about how easy it was for them to turn on me. >> it will be his natural life in jail. >> reporter: and for a 68-year-old man, it will not be an easy life. >> no one's going to respect him. he's not going to have any friends. he's going to have a rough ride. and he's going to be isolated from the general population. >> reporter: by showing no remorse, sandusky is, in fact, risking angering the judge, a judge who could sentence him to up to 400 years in prison. amy? >> jim avila, thanks so much. for more, let's bring in "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. dan, sandusky is expected to address the court at his sentencing today. why release the statement last night? >> i have no idea. it would seem to me he's thrown in the towel for this judge and this sentencing. this sort of statement doesn't really make that much of a difference one way or another to
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the judge. the judge will be looking at what were the crimes? what were the facts? and therefore, what should the sentence be? but doing this the night before and probably echoing it again in court, i think sandusky is basically saying that i know this judge is going to sentence me to serve the rest of my life in prison. >> and we know we will hear from the victims today. how much do the impact statements have on the judge in decision in sentencing? >> i think they're important and powerful for the victims themselves. important for the judge to hear it. again, i think the judge is probably going to base this more on what were the crimes? what were the facts? than on the victim statements. >> he'll likely spend the rest of his life in jail? >> absolutely. the race for the white house, now. and with 28 days to go, a new poll shows mitt romney surging into the lead after his debate win last week. it's "your voice, your vote." and jake tapper is on the trail in the battleground ohio. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right. both candidates head here to this critical buckeye state,
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with new polls indicating that mitt romney got a big bounce out of the debate last week. with one poll showing him in the lead. it appears to be a new day and a new race. just a few weeks ago, some in the media and politics were preparing mitt romney's campaign obituary. but he not only has a new lease on life, he has momentum. a new poll from the pew research center, shows romney pulling ahead of the president in likely voters. a bounce he was hoping for after the debate on last wednesday. one he noted at a rally in virginia. >> that was a good debate. >> reporter: earlier in the day, romney sought to capitalize on the tumult in the muslim world. >> we must make clear through actions, not just actions, that their nuclear pursuit won't be tolerated. >> reporter: president obama was shaking the money tree in
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california. and attending a fund-raising concert in san francisco. >> we're going to go forward, not backwards. that's why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states. >> reporter: vice president joe biden is holed up in a delaware hotel room, engaged in debate prep. while paul ryan got some unexpected debate prep of his own with a reporter from our flint, michigan, affiliate. >> the best thing to help prevent violent crime in the inner cities is to bring opportunities in the inner cities. to help teach people good discipline, good character. that is civil society. that's what charities and civic groups and churches do, to help one another. >> and do that by cutting taxes? with a big tax cut? >> those are yours, not mine. >> thank you very much, sir. >> yeah. that was strange. >> reporter: the obama campaign, also seeking to mock mitt romney for his pledge to eliminate funding for pbs, by portraying
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him in a tv ad, by personally going after big bird. the ad says, mitt romney taking on our enemies, no matter where they nest. george? >> we've not seen the end of that. jake, thank you very much. diane sawyer and i will have live coverage of the next big debate. the v.p. candidates go at it this thursday, at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific. let's go to josh and the other top stories. >> good morning, all of you. we're going to begin with new information on the growing meningitis outbreak. a ninth death is being reported in tennessee. in all, 105 cases in the 9 states you see highlighted there, are being linked to contaminated steroid shots. as many as 13,000 people may be at-risk. the shots came from a massachusetts pharmacy that mixes medications. there's a growing push to subject those pharmacies to fda scrutiny. the economy could take a turn for the worse. the international monetary fund has issued a new warning saying
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even the economic powerhouses of china, india and brazil, are slowing down because of uncertainty about fiscal policies here in the u.s. and in europe. one says, risks for slowdown are alarmingly high, end quote. there's been a break in a murder case that shocked people in southern texas. david hartley, gun downed by mexican criminals. mexican authorities have arrested salvador martinez in connection with his death. he is one of several drug lords captured or killed in recent days. a horrifying highway accident in china. a tanker carrying liquefied natural gas in an explosion. five people were killed in the blast. it destroyed seven cars and trucks. and surprising news in the fight against alzheimer's this morning. researchers say an experimental
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drug called solanezumab slowed the progression of the disease. it's the first time a drug has showed such promise. but doctors caution that more study is needed. it would be a great topic for an abc show "what would you do?" look at this. a cab driver in las vegas found something unusual in his backseat. a bag stuffed with $221,000. in cash. so what did he do? well, adam woldemarim turned it in. he turned it in. and what did adam get for his honesty? he got a hug and $2,000. a tip of less than 1%. >> he knows he did the right thing. >> he did the right thing. >> he can feel really good about it. >> he can buy a $2,000 blanket.
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>> absolutely. josh, thanks so much. a serious story we're turning to. the latest on the search for that missing 10-year-old in colorado. seen here in home video, obtained by abc news. jessica ridgeway vanished walking to school on friday. and police are investigating whether her disappearance could be linked to other cases. abc's clayton sandell has the latest. >> reporter: in new video obtained exclusively overnight by abc news, 10-year-old jessica ridgeway, horses around with a video camera and the family dog. >> that's the camera. >> reporter: take another look. jessica recorded this video in may. >> that's the camera. >> reporter: this morning, the state crime lab is processing jessica's backpack for dna evidence. it was found sunday with her water bottle, six miles from where she was last seen. police say it's vital evidence, the only trace of her since she vanished friday. >> the bottom line to give us idea and evidence of who may
7:13 am
have been in contact with it. and where we can focus a search. >> reporter: that search expanded monday. more than 100 people combing roadsides and rocky terrain. meantime, police are checking reports that three weeks ago, in a nearby town, a suspicious man was seen approaching children. >> it's a piece. but this time, we have nothing to say we believe it's related to the disappearance of jessica. >> reporter: appearing grief-stricken, jessica's mother walked outside of her home monday. she was asleep on friday when the school called her to report her absent. she did not get the message for eight hours. only then did she call police. fbi agents and police are still urgently going door-to-door. they even asked william kessel to search a locked room to make sure jessica wasn't inside. she wasn't. >> they have to rule that room out. >> reporter: we're now going into the fifth day since jessica failed to show up here at school.
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and in that exclusive video, investigators and her family want you to see her face and hear her voice, hoping that someone will provide this case the break that it needs. we also expect to hear from jessica's family for the first time later today. george? amy? >> clayton, thanks very much. we're going to turn, now, to the shocking moment at sunday's nfl game in kansas city. some hometown fans actually cheered when the chief's quarterback was knocked flat with an injury. and one of his teammates is fighting back, comparing the hecklers to the crowds at the coliseum in roam. and this sparked a lot of soul-searching in kansas city. >> a lot of people wondering what happened there. kansas city fans critical of matt cassel's performance over the weekend. but when he took that hit, the fans' reaction may have crossed the line. a teammate, firing back. >> cassel got drilled on the play. >> he's in real trouble here. he was rocked. >> reporter: embattled kansas city quarterback, matt cassel,
7:15 am
was pummeled during sunday's chiefs/ravens game and lay motionless on the ground, before leaving the game with a concussion. and while faint on tv, it sounded as if the home team's disgruntled fans were cheering the injury. >> i've never been more embarrassed in my life to play football than in that moment. >> reporter: after the loss, his teammate, eric winston, lashed out. >> we have 70,000 people cheering that he got knocked out. i think it's sickening and disgusting. we are not gladiators. and this is not the roman coliseum. this is a game. >> reporter: by monday afternoon, winston's off-the-cuff candor had gone viral. his rebuke being replayed and analyzed on our sister network, espn. >> where's the civility? where's the compassion? >> reporter: what may be more surprising, this morning, kansas city fans are firing back. and not in solidarity with winston, but in anger. accusing him of unfairly lumping hard-core chiefs loyalists with
7:16 am
a few rude fans. >> you're saying i don't want this guy throwing a football for me anymore. i don't think anybody was wishing he was injured. >> reporter: on twitter overnight, winston thanked supporters. tweeting, i stand by what i said. i believe what i said. while admitting 70,000 fans may not have cheered the injury. but even one was one too many. now, cassel is expected to miss the chiefs' next game against tampa bay this weekend. there were questions if people were clapping that he walked off the field under his own power. kansas city chiefs fans among the very best in the sport. hard to believe that anybody was celebrating an injury. >> that is hard to believe. josh, thanks so much. now, to the daredevil leap from the edge of space. felix baumgartner's attempt to set a record for the highest skydive, jumping from a balloon, and free falling more than 20 miles back to earth. ryan owens is in roswell, new mexico, with the very latest. ryan? >> reporter: good morning to you, amy.
7:17 am
they don't call him fearless felix for nothing. listen to what he's going to do. he's going to free fall at 700 miles per hour. just think about that. behind me is the launch pad. that's where a balloon will take him up 23 miles straight up where he will get out of his capsule, look around and somehow think it's a good idea to jump. up until now, it's taken a supersonic jet or maybe the space shuttle to break the sound barrier. but felix baumgartner thinks he can do it with his body. he will skydive from 23 miles up. the edge of space. he'll free fall at 690 miles per hour. >> we practiced this for so many years. now, we're almost there. this is my biggest dream. >> reporter: a dream that would be most of our nightmares. to get 23 miles above earth. the 43-year-old will hitch a ride in this capsule, attached to a balloon that's 55-stories tall. >> we're using a helium balloon
7:18 am
to get to the staratosphere. but to get there, we have to handle the pressure zone. >> reporter: the air so thin, his lungs would burst. the most dangerous part comes when baumgartner opens the door and jumps. he's done it from lower altitude with no problems. but 120,000 feet would shatter the record set 50 years ago but air force pilot, joe kittinger who fell from a balloon. he's 84 and a little jealous. >> do you wish you were up there? >> hell, yes. if he doesn't want to do it, i'll go. >> reporter: not a chance says the daredevil with a born to fly tattoo on his arm. >> it's just me. i love to be in the air. it's my second home. >> ryan owens, thanks for that. it happens later this morning. wish him well. let's head to sam and the weather. >> glad he's doing it and we didn't need volunteers.
7:19 am
let's get to the boards. we're going to show you what we think may be the very first snowflakes to come out of west virginia or come down in west virginia. didn't amount to much. you couldn't have skied on it. but last year, in the same zone, the first snow didn't fall until after thanksgiving. here's the cold air. if you look at where it is, where the solid center of it is, it's from detroit to nashville to new orleans. this basically needs that we moderated this push of colder air. and even though it's chilly this morning, it's not what it was in most places yesterday. we get another push by the end of the week into the weekend. the measurable shot of rain in places like san francisco in a month. also, we think in l.a., you may pick up light showers, as well. it's been very dry on the west coast. this is an opportunity to get a little moisture in the rain gauge.
7:20 am
>> it is another gray and damp start to our day. not that much rainfall across the metro area. have the rain overnight and early in the .orning what roadways. keep that in mind. doppler 7, east of the beltway, billy toward annapolis and south is where the bulk of the rain is. stretching across the bay into the eastern shore. and in st. mary's county. e uour way to th and coming up on "gma," brand-new pictures of the nasty wedding brawl caught on tape.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. it is 7:26. good morning, i am cynné simpson. a reminder for residents.
7:27 am
deadline to nextter to vote for month's election or a change address. permit same-day registration, it means you can at a polling station on election day and cast a ballot. as we told you on good morning jerry sandusky o learn his fate. the former assistant football in june ofcted abusing young boys. sandusky in several victims at thed to testify hearing. morechannel 8 will have depth report in a few minutes. on the us get the latest morning commute. >> thank you. commuter train note. amtrak and marc train notice suspended north of martin airport. soggy. accident on the baltimore washington parkway, southbound at 202. an accident earlier southbound 270 at montrose road.
7:28 am
also, traveling on 95 from the accident at woodbridge on the shoulder. a solid delays northcom 395 pentagon to the 14th street bridge. look to our forecast. >> good morning. a great day today. along route 50 eastward across the bay bridge the eastern shore. calvert county. wrapping up and coming to an end. 50 now in washington. 40's elsewhere. 44 in frederick. upper 50's today. berg to sunshine and 70. >> thank you. berg t[ male announcer ] who will raise taxes on the middle class?
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according to an independent, non-partisan study, barack obama and the liberals will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000. the same organization says the plan from mitt romney and common sense conservatives is "not a tax hike on the middle class." want proof? read the non-partisan study for yourselelf at obama a his liberal allies? we can't afford four more years. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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look at that. brand-new details on that nasty wedding brawl caught on tape. now, the brother of one group has been charged. we have new clues on what started the mayhem. and new pictures of the bride right after all the fighting. you see it right there. good morning, america. you know robin is recovering from her bone marrow transplant. great to have amy robach here. >> thanks, george. we're talking about death threats on "dancing with the stars." bristol pailing under pressure, after a mystery white powder was sent to her. now, mom, sarah palin, is weighing in on this. >> it's a dancing show. also, the split that's shocking hollywood. rhea perlman and danny devito
7:31 am
calling it quits after 30 years of marriage. why so many long-time couples don't go the distance. >> they've been together even longer. >> maybe we'll find out some answers. and plus, to make things a little happier here, rob lowe. he's our guest co-host. he's checking out the studio. look. >> he's been here for hours. >> he's bribing lily. maybe for good shots. >> rob, what are you doing? >> look, george stephanopoulos is on tv every week. i'm only here once. i want a lot of close-ups. i'm on my way. >> that's coming up in a little bit. now, we are going to turn to the latest on that wedding brawl in philadelphia. linsey davis is there with all of the new details. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning,
7:32 am
george. it happened at this hotel behind me. this morning, we're hearing new reports that there may have been three wedding parties involved. it started early sunday morning, reportedly, as a fight between two brothers, in of all places, the city of brotherly love. this morning, more fallout from the all-out brawl captured in this disastrous wedding video. overnight, the groom's brother was released from jail in philadelphia, after being charged with numerous counts of assault and inciting a riot. abc news has learned it's the same man that was tased by police sunday morning. the massive melee is being blamed for the death of the bride's uncle. this shows her still in her wedding dress, apparently still overcome with grief. police discovered her uncle unconscious outside of the
7:33 am
sheraton society hill. he later died after suffering a heart attack. on monday, the bride's sister posted this on twitter. death leaves a heartache no one can heal. love leaves a memory no one can steal. >> i'm sad. i knew the whole family. i knew nicole. i know the family. and i know how distraught they are. >> reporter: meantime, people who were there are firing back at the police response. in the video, you see officers wielding batons. force the department says was necessary to control the crowd, which police say had been drinking. but on monday, the bride's friend, kristen petitto, at philly police, your actions saturday night's hotel fight were despicable. shame on you. the brawl, which has been viewed more than 600,000 times on youtube, could hardly be the wedding night nicole had planned. her months of planning. even cakes chronicled on
7:34 am
pintrest, ultimately ending in this. we reached out to several parties involved and did not get a response back, with the exception of the sanutti family attorney. saying that mr. sanutti and his family were not involved with the warring wedding parties. they were confronted with a violent and out of control mob. let's more from dan abrams, our "gma" legal analyst. such a tragedy, that man died of a heart attack. if it's determined, and so far it has not been, that it had something to do with the fight, could there be criminal or civil charges? >> depending on what that means. if he walked out, took his children out, and was saying, let's get out of here, but the stress of everything that was happening around him, led to his death, certainly no criminal charges. and even a civil case would be tough. he could sue the hotel for lack of security or police or whatever. if someone threatened him,
7:35 am
someone even pushed him, totally different story then, both in terms of the possible criminal and/or civil case. >> look at the pictures there. so many people involved. such a chaotic scene. two other people have been charged with disorderly conduct. how do the police go about trying to figure out who is at fault here? >> it's tough. you're allowed to defend yourself. if someone starts coming up and starts hitting you, you're allowed to defend yourself. e nopu allowed to ng jump into the fray. that's what they're trying to determine. who was literally committing a crime in the context of what was happening? that's going to involve looking at videotapes and talking to witnesses. >> we may not have seen the last charges yet. >> no. they're going to continue to investigate. now, to the death threats on "dancing with the stars." bristol palin, a target after a suspicious package containing a white powder was sent to the show. sarah palin is weighing in, as her daughter overcomes a difficult week on the dance floor. abc's nick watt has the story.
7:36 am
>> reporter: it was one of the most tear-filled blow joups we've ever seen. >> reporter: bristol palin was an emotional wreck this week. partner strain and something potentially more serious. >> what are you saying? >> you're not there. >> reporter: her mom, sarah, backstage, before the show, broke sinister news on facebook. i'm sorry to say she's getting those annoying death threats and more mystery white powder sent to her while on dwt this all-star season. a package was sent the last time she was on the show in 2010. this time, bristol is defiant. >> we have security here. we feel safe. i think we're okay. >> reporter: so, who would threaten the daughter of momma grizzly? >> someone who maybe doesn't have a lot going on in their life. and so, a show like "dancing with the stars," unfortunately, is an ideal target for people
7:37 am
who want to just send threats. >> reporter: a man tried to break into the studio to meet gymnast shawn johnson when she was on the show. a gun, duct tape and love letters were found in his car, according to police. security was tightened when erin andrews received e-mail threats. the producers released a statement saying they take the health and safety of all of our competitors and employees very seriously. the lapd is on the trail of the mystery white powder, which turned out not to be anthrax. >> you do a 360 around the package where it came from. >> reporter: bristol was doing the paso doble for survival. tonight, double elimination. >> get that aggression. it works. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> we will have much more on the actual dancing on "dancing with the stars" when sherri shepherd joins us in our last hour, with a look at last night's sizzling
7:38 am
competition. time, now, for a look at the weather. and sam, who i know was watching. >> i thought it was a good night last night. >> i did, too. >> i can't wait for sherri shepherd. i cannot wait for sherri shepherd to walk through those doors. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to talk about this morning. we'll start with a live shot out of philly. how about a little bit of cloudiness. a little bit of mist and drizzle. a little bit of cool temperatures. that runs all the way to new york city. boston into portland, as well. a slow-moving low. is it going to rain all day? it's going to rain off and on all day, with the showers and cooler temperatures. 61 in new york. 58 in boston. portland, not a nice forecast for the northeast and mid-atlantic. here's where the great temperatures are. l.a. at 76. phoenix at 93. there's a low offshore. the northwest doesn't get any rain. but san francisco south, over the next half a day or so, could >> just a few lingering
7:39 am
sprinkles done in calvert county, and anne arundal county, the bay.of 40's now on the way to the upper 50's. ofew peaks all of america's weather was brought to you by charmin ultrasoft. to the entire desk. >> thank you. coming up, we have brand-new pictures of william and kate, as she gets ready to face her toughest test. [ scratching ] you're not using too much are you, hon? ♪ nope. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft is so soft you'll have to remind your family they can use less. charmin ultra soft is made with extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. plus you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. don't worry, there's plenty left for you dad. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft?
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back at 7:43, with the duchess of cambridge, facing one of the toughest tests of her life as a royal thus far. brand-new pictures of her and prince william out in london right now. and she'll have to face the press alone for the first time since the photo scandal erupted last month. llama hassen has the story. reporter: the new engagement, since the nude photos of kate hit newsstands a month ago while the couple was in asia. >> they might see it as business as usual. >> reporter: and they made no efforts of shying away from the scandal. first up, meeting law students in london, where william himself is an honorary lawyer. but state wearing a dress by a french designer. in an effort to remind people
7:44 am
she and william the legal battle of having those photos being published in france. >> she's incredibly calm. incredibly wise. very little seems to ruffle her feathers. >> reporter: william, who has been by his wife's side since the photos, that the palace called grotesque surfaced, won't be with her during tomorrow's engagement. she will have to go it alone, as he attends a fun recall of his nanny. she cared for him and harry. but kate will have to keep calm and carry on. she will be facing her toughest challenge yet. huge crowds are expected to greet her when she attends events to support her charities in the north of england. >> i think she's a tough one in that relationship. she's going to keep the show going. >> reporter: no doubt, all eyes will be on royal baby bump watch, as well. the couple kept tongues wagging during their asia tour, when
7:45 am
kate toasted with water, rather than champagne, not once, but twice. people were wondering, was it the malaria pills they were taking? or maybe something more exciting. now, to the funeral of the former nanny, olga powell. she had no children of her own. and referred to the boys as her grandsons. one final act of loyalty, she asked in her will, for people to make donations to one of prince harry's charities instead of sending flowers to her funeral. lara? >> llaama hasan, thank you. josh, with the flipped-out "play of the day." and the split that's shocking hollywood right now. danny devito and rhea perlman calling it quits. we have the story coming up on "good morning america." but the good news is, i don't. i actually still eat real food. things that i love. i'm losing weight, and i'm not feeling deprived. i never thought i'd be able to say that.
7:46 am
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7:49 am
in fact, by thinking about where you want your education to lead, while you're still in school, you might find the best route leads somewhere you weren't even looking. let's get to work. here's "the play of the day." >> transacting business here on the couch. >> i want to get a commission.
7:50 am
>> take a look at this. a high school cheerleader flipping her way into the guinness book. 16-year-old miranda ferguson from texas. she did it last year. 32 hand springs in a row. >> wow. >> no way. >> oh, yeah. could she get to 32? yeah, she can get to 32. oh, yeah, she can. 35. >> wow. >> 35 hand springs. >> later in the show, josh is going to try. >> i'm coming for you, guinness book. coming up, i hear rob lowe is here to take over times square. he's our guest co-host today. and he brought a little friend. >> oh, look at that. >> i can't wait. >> we have penguins. >> that's a cute penguin. and we're filling. [ female announcer ] think a thick cream is the only way to firm skin?
7:51 am
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7:55 am
hey, everybody. a cavalcade of stars set to join
7:56 am
us. sherri shepherd talking dancing. rob lowe talking everything else. go nowhere. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. is 7:56. good morning. good morning, i am cynné simpson. former d.c. councilman. expected to return today pressuring on an unspecified violation. they are not said what the violation was. resigned in june toer pleading guilty campaign fraud. and there fairfax county searching for answers after a missing teen was found dead. familysold bryan
7:57 am
found the student's wooded area of the park where he disappeared last week. newschannel 8 will have a much depth reportn- theng up at the top of hour. but as find out what is withning on the roads angela. you.ank conditions.y we have a commuter train note, should know that suspended north martin airport. that means no amtrak service between washington, d.c. and wilmington, delaware. on the road a ways you can commute with conditions. open.nes just slow traffic. how was the forecast? >> gray right now. if you breaks in the clouds. will be the case the rest day.e more greater than below. you will see the sun
7:58 am
periodically. the rain is off to the eastern shore. still a few sprinkles in .outhern maryland 50 now in the district. .40'swise in the winchester. upper 50's.o the tomorrow near 70. thank you for joining us. we will have
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] lots of smiles under the umbrellas in tim square this morning. congrats for sam. and this music brings us back. "st. elmo's fire." >> that's relentless '80s. >> lara and i almost did the big hair. >> how about a guy that's barely changed in 30 years? rob lowe, our co-host this morning. on team robin this morning. she's recovering from her bone marrow transplant. >> thank you so much. hello, george.
8:01 am
good morning. >> rob lowe shared some secrets about the song, though. he will share them later. >> i have some background on that. for once. >> how does it feel at the desk? >> i feel a little tall. >> you are a little bit tall. i knew you were stressed out about this. you worked it out with amy poehler. >> hey, rob. >> hi, amy. >> are you excited about hosting "good morning america"? >> no. i'm petrified. >> of what? >> george stephanopoulos. he hates me. >> why does he hate you? >> when michael j. fox played a good-looking, smart, ambitious deputy, george stephanopoulos had his legs broken. then, after i did "the west wing," he's been trying to do it to me. >> well, if things get physical, just go for the hair. >> that is great advice. >> anytime. >> that's why amy's between us.
8:02 am
>> i'm keeping my eye on you, george. >> i've been waiting for this for a long time. >> me, too. i love watching you guys. i want to see how this is really done. by the experts. by the pros. >> and you paid for your close-ups, right? >> i paid everyone in the control room. a lot of beauty shop. early in the morning. >> everywhere. >> exactly. >> we're ready to go. >> what's that again? >> it makes you look good. >> work with me, people. coming up on the show, it was a sizzling night in the ballroom. the competition so tight on "dancing with the stars." two couples are tied for first. we have sherri shepherd here, yes. we'll talk with sam, josh and i all about it. >> there you go, rob. and surprising the set. the hollywood split today, danny
8:03 am
devito and rhea perlman, separating after over 30 years of marriage. we'll look at what it takes to make love last in hollywood. we can ask my wife, cheryl. i don't know how she managed to stay married to me for 22 years. >> awesome. >> thank you. >> we never make the long marriage lists. and i think our marriage needs a better publicist. >> you did it right here. >> yeah. a lot coming up. we need to get to news with josh. >> we're going to begin with the defiant statement from former penn state coach jerry sandusky. he's being sentenced today, for sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15-year prison. but speaking to a local radio station, he said he was set up. and blames a conspiracy by his accusers, the police and the media. we'll have it for you this morning. a dramatic turn in the race for president. a new poll from the pew research center shows mitt romney leading the president by four points
8:04 am
nationwide. it's the battleground state that matters the most. and both candidates are in ohio today. the obama campaign has released an ad featuring big bird, pretending to criticize romney's opposition of the subsidy for pbs. and a north carolina man says he's blessed to be alive, after a shocking hit and run captured on surveillance video. you see him. and you see the car strike him. yes. throwing him into the air. on to the car's windshield. the driver did stop, as you see here. got out, and then took off. remarkably, cuts and bruises aside, the man is okay. and police hope releasing this video will help catch the driver. and authorities in las vegas are calling it the most extreme case of hoarding they have ever seen. they had to remove the front door of a home to remove the debris inside. 18 truckloads worth so far. and they're not close to being
8:05 am
done. the pile so high, the homeowner couldn't walk upright in the house. we will have no more updates on that story. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> hello, josh. and a great morning to you. we are embarking, tonight, on something different. a daring journey. think of it as a kind of estate planning for the heart. it is filled with laughter and most of all love. as families around the country launch what we're calling the conversation. find out what it is, how it can change your life, tonight. >> we will, diane. and well, you heard the saying that the show must go on. take a look. certainly the case on qvc. a host is selling computer tablet. and she suddenly faints from low blood sugar. but watch what her co-host did. >> you know, this is -- >> are you okay? okay. what it does is it gives us -- >> get out of here. just move product.
8:06 am
just keep on moving product. the co-host, going on like not a thing happened. something had happened. at least they cutaway, i suppose. cassie slane is fine. the second time she fainted on qvc. just a blood sugar issue. >> he paused for five seconds. >> we'll wait at least ten for you, amy. >> thank you. let's get some "pop news" everybody. a special edition because rob lowe is here. feel free to chime in. >> i got your back. >> at least somebody does. you heard about the stephanopoulos. we begin with eye candy for the ladies. if diamonds are a girl's best friend when jen aniston has a new bff. the ring has been revealed. >> what's the counterweight on the other hand? >> do you have to build up the finger muscles? >> it could pull her shoulder
8:07 am
out of socket. >> it's an oval-shaped diamond, as you saw, spotted on jen's ring finger. >> or mountain. you decide. >> was photographed in santa fe over the weekend. >> you can't stare directly at it. >> you can't stare at it. it's blinding. >> you can't. >> apparently, the ring was on vacation in santa fe. >> actually, jen and justin are going to honeymoon on the range. jen is shooting a film called "we're the millers." and the couple wants a destination wedding. we know where they're having it. also in "pop news," two of the most beautiful things in the world are teaming up. brad pitt and chanel. we told you about this project a while back. mr. pitt, the first man to be the face of a chanel fragrance for women. >> can you seen this? moneymaker.
8:08 am
this thing moves product right here. >> how does he smell, though? >> pretty good from here. >> if number 6 is available? >> double shots of espresso. that's my number 5 in the morning. >> until now, until we get a recount, it's brad pitt. the new commercial unveiled next week, will see viewers see pitt assuming to speak to a woman. but he's actually talking to a fragrance bottle. >> can we bring the picture back up? they pay him all that money and the photo is him turning away? i don't understand any of this. i don't understand any of it. >> you sound like brad's agent. >> it's like a shampoo? i don't get it. i don't understand. >> it is a follow-up-free zone. i'm going to kill the last spot. we're long. we're going to go to sam. am i out of time? thank you. i got the green light. this, everybody, is the 40th
8:09 am
anniversary of the amas. we're celebrating it right here because we've been given exclusive rights to announce the very first nominees. the category that we will announce right now on "gma" are the nominees for favorite female artists. and the nominees are, kelly clarkson, nicki minaj, katy perry, and rere. and the later categories will be announced in los angeles, by christina aguilera. the amas, will be broadcast live here on abc, on november 18th, at 8:00 p.m. that is a modified "pop news." we had to go short because we had good conversation. >> great stuff. hey, sam. >> i'm glad you didn't come to me at first, lara. i was crossing the street. cabs were honking at us. we're live with some showers in times square. we have the umbrellas. we're okay. let's get to the boards. we're going to start with a little bit of cold air. a reinforcing shot. we've had chilly temperatures in the middle of the country.
8:10 am
this will stay shallow. it moves to the east. in chicago, you're going to see 40s out of this. wednesday, think 48 degrees. that's your number. this air does not sink to the south. it stays fairly warm. we get a warm-up. look at the numbers going up. dallas 82. 86 in houston by thursday date mark. and here's on the east coast, we have a little cool because it's still cloudy. we're not going to get rid of this the mid-atlantic to the northeast. what we're in right now this off and on, drizzly, cloudy, it's not making you smile. you're looking at me. you're looking at me with a sad face.
8:11 am
>> i don't even know who brought that weather. lara, let's go back in to you. >> thank you, sam. here's a look at our morning menu on "gma." danny devito and rhea perlman splitting after more than 30 years. is there hope for any hollywood couple? why are we asking that question? of course, there is. rob lowe is proof positive. he's with us. and sherri shepherd is here with the scoop on the sizzling night on "dancing with the stars." rob lowe, taking over times square. reready to get close andoing a gorgeous job so far. >> thank you, trying. >> so much coming up on "gma." stay with us.
8:12 am
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8:16 am
well, you don't need one. whether it's flu shots or prescriptions, we continue to accept express scripts and medco plans. i'm bonnie, and this is my cvs. and now, to the split that is rocking hollywood this morning. danny devito and rhea perlman announcing they are calling it quits after 30 years of marriage. they're the latest in the series of high-profile couples going their separate ways after decades together. abc's paula faris has the story. >> reporter: during their 30 years of marriage, danny devito and rhea perlman were one of hollywood's most adoring couples. >> love is the end of happiness. >> reporter: and eventually love. but monday, the couple known for sticking together, even in tinseltown, quietly announced they are separating.
8:17 am
>> danny devito and rhea perlman were beacons of hope. they were together for such a long time. >> reporter: devito and perlman met back in 1970, dating for years before marrying in 1982. >> do you love me? >> i don't know what love is. >> reporter: they raised three children together and founded the production company jersey films. now, many are wondering, if they can't make it, who can? relationship expert, wendy walsh, says while it seems surprising, long-term relationships can end for many reasons. children moving out of the house. or you simply fall out of love. >> this is not a relationship failure. this is a successful 30-year relationship that's in transition. >> reporter: devito and perlman's marriage is not the first high-profile long-term relationship to fizzle in 2010, after four decades of seemingly wedded bliss, former vice president al gore and his wife,
8:18 am
tipper, announced their separation. eddie van halen and actress valerie bertinelli split in 2007, after 26 years of marriage. 56 the split will be difficult, after a history together will be pain. >> there will be grandchildren. there will be reasons to stay connected for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> we wish them both the very best. lara, over to you. boy, the tabled turned last night on "dancing with the stars," when the stars got to take over creative control of their dances. and we saw some big risks on the dance floor. >> it was iconic dance week. that means the couples reinterpreted dances from other seasons, maybe using other stars. and the co-host of the tv show, by the way, that we all love, "the view," sherri shepherd is here this morning. >> thank you. i'm so excited. >> help us weigh in on what's going on. >> this is exciting.
8:19 am
watching the contestants have creative control. >> did you do that? >> i didn't have creative control. >> i think that would be difficult. >> i'm glad i'm not on this season. i don't have creativity. i would be standing there. you saw a lot of brilliance come out. don't you think? >> yeah. >> but honestly, so, you just would go. and they would tell you what to do? and you wouldn't -- is that how it works? >> they choreograph it. that's what they do. they're world-champion performers. you see shawn johnson and derek hough, they were great. a lot of gymnastics. they fell on the end. >> were they your favorite last night? who wowed you? >> you know who wowed me. val and kelly monaco. she really stepped it up. she was great. i'm pregnant right now watching them. and i was explaining to my son.
8:20 am
he keeps looking at the sensuality. mommy, are you and peta married? how do i explain sensuality to a 7-year-old? >> sam could do it on twitter. tweeting his way through. >> i watch it on twitter. join it when we watch on twitter. >> twitter party. >> you and your former partner, they're tied this morning? >> they're tied with tony dovolani and melissa rycroft. >> they did difficult stuff? >> the way melissa slid down tony dovolani's leg. and he bounces her up. and she just had a baby. i wish i could do that after i had my c-section. look at that. it was the moves were great. they were very creative. and tony has something to prove. they didn't make it to the end. tony was awesome. he's really good. but kelly monaco, she's on "general hospital," she has the soap opera fan base. rally the fan bases.
8:21 am
>> speaking of fan bases, sitive and negative. what do you make of bristol palin and the controversy swirling around her. powdery substances being delivered to her? >> i wish people would stop it. you don't like the way somebody sambas and want to kill them? bristol, keep going. the drama between her and mark. she went, i'm so bummed. i think she said what everybody was thinking because i think we thought, does mark really want shawn, his former partner? or sabrina? i hope they can get it together. he missed a rehearsal, she said, which is crucial to having a good dance. that's why pam was knocked off, too. >> having you on the inside is so great. >> you know, yeah. send me as a spy. i would love it. >> i love it. >> i hope they get it together. i think i was impressed with bristol. she stepped it up. she's not as good as the other dancers. but she's working really hard. >> and that counts for
8:22 am
something, right? >> it does count. i don't think she's going home. >> you heard it here first, everybody. so much more with sherri shepherd on "the view," later today. >> are you putting me out? >> no. >> tune in tonight. tonight's the big night. 7:00 central, to watch "dancing with the stars." the double elimination, 8:00 p.m., 7:00 central. george, you'll be watching. >> i sure will. we have rob lowe here, our special co-host. you've been doing your homework. we've done our homework, as well. we have proof positive, you have done everything in entertainment. you've done movies. you've done tv. you acted. you produced. you did a game show a long time ago. want everybody to take a look. >> oh, my god. >> a doughnut. bagel. >> things with a hole. >> a car. a truck. >> things that move. >> a wagon. >> things with wheels. >> yeah.
8:23 am
>> look at that hair. >> oh, boy. what is happening with my hair and that jacket i'm wearing? that was my first trip to new york. >> first time? >> yeah. i met dick clark. i was really good at the pyramid. we were playing tony danza. and i kept crushing him. i was worried, he's a boxer. like you, i thought he was going to beat me up. >> i'm worried. we'll be playing a trivia game the next half hour. i hear you've been studying for that, as well. >> bring it. >> you've been doing so much great stuff. i didn't realize how well prepared you were for morning television. drew peterson, a big story we did here. and this one coming up, prosecuting casey anthony. tell us that. >> if you're a news junkie like i am, you couldn't avoid that story. and i figured i knew what the verdict was going to be. and when the verdict came down,
8:24 am
i was really surprised. so, when it came to me with this amazing script, based on the book, written by the prosecutor, jeff ashton. and it's a look at how something can turn out so differently than the entire country expected. >> everybody was surprised. >> what happened with the prosecution? >> here's a scene from it. >> so, be calm. tell the truth. and when i object, and i will, stop talking until the judge rules. >> i know casey did something to caylee. i just don't know what. and i'm glad the trial is starting. i'll finally know the truth. >> i'm not going to lie to you, george. you've heard enough lies to last a lifetime. i don't think we're ever going to know the whole truth. >> you're the prosecutor, jeff ashton there. they were surprised, too, by what happened, weren't they? >> absolutely. in fact, the reaction that jeff has when the verdict is read is,
8:25 am
wow. and it's just a very interesting look at our legal system. does the media play a role in it? does the process by which we pick our juries play a role? and it's really a compelling story in a subject matter that's already compelling to begin with. >> i know you're a political junkie. your next movie "knife fight," you play a political consultant. >> i played an insider in "the west wing." but i never play the hired gun, who cleans up the messes and rolls into town. i have this movie later this year. you know, i run six campaigns at once. and do really outrageous things. >> you have so much fun with that. we've been getting tweets all morning. everybody knows you're into politics. and someone on facebook sent it in. rebecca wanted to know, with your love of politics, do you have any interest in running for
8:26 am
office one day? if so, which office? >> i love politics. but i have to say, i'm so disheartened that it's always about what we disagree, as opposed to what we all agree on. i believe that no matter what side you're on, there's so much consensus on big issues. but people who run, talking about where we agree, seem to get drummed out so early. so, all the centrists are gone. the rockefeller republicans are gone. the blue dog democrats are gone. >> you have worked for both sides. >> i have. >> you've gone both ways. >> i'm a registered independent. and i'm looking for where i can agree with people than disagree. i don't know if they have me. >> that's a long no. >> yes. >> okay, yes. stick around, a lot more to come with rob lowe. and jack hanna is here with very furry friends.
8:27 am
good morning. cynne simpson. of non-contagious being reported. cases nationwide, including at least eight deaths. reported in maryland, including a death virginia, there , including a ases death. trail, first lady obama will be r her husband in virginia. is expected to appear at a leesburg this afternoon. tickets are required in order to ttend. ere's angela foster with traffic. and the roads, very heavy and still a commuter note. outage and it is
8:28 am
trains.g the commuter s between train on and washington, d.c. on, delaware, washington, d.c. north of baltimore, you're t of service until further notice. slow roadways, it's a morning. 95, a rain, northbound accidents on the shoulder. 395.slow go, up to heading to the district. maryland,traveling in inbound jam. how's the forecast now? gray in washington. see the gray dreary start our day. come to has pretty much end. few sprinkles on the shore. winchester. 2 in the district. but unny breaks later on more gray than blue in sky. 50's today. to sunshine tomorrow. degrees for the game
8:29 am
good.ks as well.r watching 8:56.r news update at pamela howze: it just ems like such an... infringement on our lives. how dare they step into my life that way. it's none of their business. he's trying to restrict us, again. he's taking us backwards. george allen is the last thing we need in washington. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:30 am
♪ a fun crowd out there in times square this morning. not letting a little rain deter them. they're happy. so glad to be here. good morning, everyone. as you know, robin, recovering from her bone marrow transplant. great to have amy robach and rob lowe. >> thank you. robin, remiss you. thinking about your. sending prayers and great messages. keeping your desk warm for you. >> that's fantastic. >> what are you doing next wednesday? >> i'm here for you. anytime you want. i'll quit my other job. i'm here. we're going to see some amazing animals from jack hanna.
8:31 am
i get to spend more time with merlin, my lovely penguin pal, who told me great stuff about jack. that penguin is a bit of a gossip. but i do love her. >> we're going to meet the rest of the animals, including a lynx and a giant tortoise, as well. >> a lynx. also this morning, star of the hot, new show, "nashville." connie britton. >> who is a minx. >> there she is. the minx, herself. two more actors are here. john goodman and alan arkin are here, to talk about "argo." amazing in this movie. so much buzz about this movie. >> so funny and good. they are great. first, sam, what's with the rain? seriously? we had a big show planned outside. >> is that a segue to weather? >> sure is. >> that's your cue, mister. >> let's get to the boards. we'll show you what's going on.
8:32 am
we'll start with twitter and facebook pictures. catskills. and to malibu, california. sigh. you could leave that picture up all morning for me. here comes the area of low pressure down the coastline. that does not help the northwest. you don't get the rain from it. you barely get the opportunity for showers from san francisco to l.a. this could be the most measurable rainfall in quite some time. down comes the colder temperatures. look at where the center of the cold air is. it's spread to the south. we're moderating this blast. but there is more cold air >> we are in the 40's right now, the upper 50's. much better tomorrow, partly cloudy, back to 70 degrees. >> all of that weather was
8:33 am
brought to you by cvs pharmacy. josh, what's going on over there? >> we're playing a game. it's going to be terrific. rob, we've seen you are a game show veteran. >> i didn't have my faculties then. we have a game for you and george. george, a communications director and a good one. rob, you played one on television. >> and a not so good one. >> real one. one on tv. we're going "gma" fact or fiction? we're going presidential knowledge here, people. i'm missing my skinny mic. imagine the skinny mic right here. question number one, one of our past president's secret service nickname was rawhide, fact or fiction? it was fact. >> ronald reagan. >> bonus point. >> no bonus points, rob. >> his card did come up first. >> there's no buzzers here.
8:34 am
>> you have to be fast. >> george is already conscientiously objecting. >> welcome to my life. question number two, a president was forced to enact the 25th amendment when his daughter was kidnapped. fact or fiction? >> i think rob was quick on the draw. and you are correct. >> you're both correct. >> that was real, right? >> i thought so. >> all very confusing. question number three. franklin roosevelt and eleanor roosevelt, had the same name before they were married. fact or fiction? >> do i have to guess? i'm going to go with fact. >> that's correct. >> rob has taken the lead. >> franklin and eleanor were distan cousins and had the same last name. >> wow. george, this is your chance for
8:35 am
redemption here. did a president ever, say, let's say lose his lunch at a state dinner? fact or fiction? >> yes. in 1992. >> george has a bonus point. we are all -- this is it. for at least three marbles that we found in the props department. after years of speculation revealed that deep throat was, in fact, two high school students working in the white house. very, very false. that's a big, fat lie. michelle williams and kirsten dunst, though, made a movie of it. and our winner is -- it's sort of a tie. i'm hearing in the control room, more rob. george, congratulations. good luck in your future endeavors. let's get it to lara. are you ready? >> i'm ready. we continue, now, with an emmy-nominated role on "friday
8:36 am
night lights." also, "spin city." that's where i met her. connie britton is starring in one of the hottest shows of the season, "nashville," here on abc. she plays a reigning country music queen, battling a new, young starlet trying to take her throne. and connie britton is with us. welcome to "good morning america." >> thank you. great to be here. >> i want to congratulate you on motherhood and being a new mom. your little boy's beautiful. has it been almost a year? >> not quite a year. it's been amazing. >> i know being a working mom. >> yes. >> doing it with a series, i'm sure is taking up a lot of time. >> it's the greatest challenge of my life. but it's the greatest challenge of my life. it's amazing. it's wonderful. >> let's talk about the series, "nashville," getting a lot of buzz. airing tonight, the premiere. >> yeah. we're excited because i just think it's something that audiences haven't seen before. and the music is so great. the story telling is great.
8:37 am
there's something in it for everybody. i hope audiences are going to love it. >> were you a country music fan before? >> i have been. i'm more of a music fan across the board. it's fun to immerse myself into that world. and nashville, it's not just country music anymore. who knew? >> that's it. it's a little "dynasty." it's drama. >> rock 'n' roll. it's just a music town. but as you say, it's a family town. there's politics. you know, it's just there's so much fun stuff to get into. >> and in the show, we see a lot of singing. and people might be surprised that you all are doing it all yourselves. >> we're all singing our own music. and all the songs that we sing are by these amazing song writers. and -- but they've never been recorded before. every song you hear is going to be something that we are singing for the first time. >> maybe released? >> i think there might be records in the future.
8:38 am
that is still so mind-boggling to think about. >> what was that like for you and hayden to get the songs and go in and record them? >> well, it's incredible. we're working with steve burnett, who is the most incredible music producer on the planet. for me -- hayden has been -- she's recorded songs before. she has -- >> she has some pipes? >> that girl can sing. for me, it's been really much more -- i was much more rusty. but it's been so exciting. >> let's look at a clip, everybody. here's a little sneak peek of "nashville." >> have you met. >> i know you. you're burning stuff up out there. >> thank you. my momma was one of your biggest fans. she said she would listen to you while i was still in her belly. >> bless your little heart. that's a charming story. you need to go on soon. i'm sure you want to make sure you have your girls tucked in good. >> we have to run. great meeting you. you take care. great show. great show.
8:39 am
>> you hear bless your little heart, that's a way of saying you're in trouble. >> i know you're a spokes penn for mds. and robin is kicking butt. >> i know. i've been touched by mds in my family. it's a rare but devastating disease. and for her to be a spokesperson for all the people touched by this disease is a wonderful thing. >> thank you. i know she's watching. and i know we'll all be watching tonight. with you playing rayna on "nashville." >> it's tomorrow ninight? >> wednesday nht. >> i'm thinking it's wednesday. >> i know. >> i have two kids. >> wednesday. >> it's wednesday, everybody. set your dvrs, or watch live. 10:00, 9:00 central, here on
8:40 am
abc. "nashville." connie britton, come back and see us soon. >> i will. coming up, more stars. john goodman, alan arkin, both here live on "good morning america." you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. [ knocking ] oh, no, i got to go. oh, can you make that to go? these days, nobody has time to get sick. but minuteclinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no ti. you guys want to go to the park? yeah! yeah! minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs/pharmacy. accepts united healthcare benefit plans. find a clininic near you at
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen.
8:43 am
that's coming up thursday. we're back, now, with more on ben affleck's new movie "argo." it goes after to plot hostages in iran. a couple of honchos, played by our next guests, john goodman and alan arkin. >> how about "the horses of achilles"? >> nobody does westerns anymore. >> it's ancient troy. you have horses in it, it's a western. >> kenny, please? it's john chambers about the office space. it doesn't matter. it's a fake movie. >> if i'm doing a fake movie, it's going to be a fake hit. >> is a 006 on the open list?
8:44 am
>> women gather offering ecstatic libations to the sky god. "argo" science fantasy adventure. >> and john goodman and alan arkin are here now. you play a real character, john chambers. a makeup artist, who worked for the cia on the side. >> he's the first makeup artist that won an academy award. he had a side career. he had a hobby. >> you see the passion you brought to this. alan, i was wondering, you seem made for this role as the hollywood producer. >> that's the saddest thing ever said to me. who's my favorite -- >> who did you base it on? >> who did i base it on? >> anybody in mind? who is your favorite? if you want to tell us, go ahead. >> i'm trying to be serious. it's important stuff. >> i know. but you're so funny.
8:45 am
he's like a doll. >> it's based on, if anybody, jack warner. jack warner was very much like my character. >> what we're seeing this morning is exactly what ben affleck said we would see yesterday. we had him here yesterday. he said the two were cracking each other up all the time. >> we had a good time. >> you know, there's worse ways to make a living. >> what was it about this story? >> well, i couldn't put the script down. it's a real page-turner. it was terrific. and you couldn't make it up. >> you couldn't. it was so -- you know, you're on the edge of your seat the entire movie. but then, every time you guys come back into the frame, it kind of breaks it up a little bit. >> you fall right down. >> the comic relief. >> well, it's -- the movie takes place in three different places in the world.
8:46 am
and the tensions are different in each one of the areas. like, the stuff that takes place in iran, lives are at stake. and the stuff that takes place in washington, everybody's job is at stake. and when you come to us in hollywood, we're concerned with the -- it's all about the same event. but when you come to us, we don't have nearly as much at stake as anybody else does. so, we don't take it quite as seriously as the rest of the -- as the people in the film. do you think that's fair to say, john? >> i think that's more than fair to say, alan. you're a fair man. >> thank you. >> i want to see you guys in a movie. you need to work on something next time. >> we are. >> what? >> what? >> i forgot. >> he just said something. >> he said you're going to work on a movie together coming up soon. i don't know what it is. there's the lynx coming up. >> you have a lynx?
8:47 am
>> things going on around here. "argo" opens up on friday. >> we're done? >> that's it. >> we didn't get into anything. >> what do you want to get into? >> doesn't matter. real politics. jack hanna and the penguins, in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75more than cards earning 1% cash bac
8:48 am
on almost everything. according to an independent, non-partisan study, barack obama and the liberals will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000. the same organization says the plan from mitt romney and common sense conservatives is "not a tax hike on the middle class." want proof? read the no-partisann study for yoursf at obama and his liberal allies? we can't afford four more years. i'm mitt romney and i apprthove this message.
8:49 am
be careful, amy. >> i was just told, watch my toes. rob, with marlin the penguin. he was the smart one. now, we have jack hanna from the columbus zoo, and some of his friends. he has a lynx. we're told he's a little active. >> rob, you're over there now. >> this is amazing. this is the lynx.
8:50 am
it's sad because the animal was hunted for its pelt way back when. but it's a solitary cat that lives in high altitudes. and a lot of the food sources have been pushed up to stay low. so, the animals don't have a food source, as well. >> is this the one where the paws that acts like snowshoes? >> exactly. i'll show you. see the back foot? the back foot, mother nature invented the snowshoe before man did. >> oh, sam. >> he's going in the snow there. these animals can go to 30, 40, 50 below zero. >> and they can eat animals three-times their size? >> eat other animals? they can eat other people. i don't think any problem with a food source. >> if they have a problem with a food source, they're snacking here. >> that's right. >> oh, look opinion. >> that's a carigal. >> you go inside the mummies and the pyramids and the tombs, you
8:51 am
see this on the drawings. the pharaoh, they would worship him as a symbol of power. they will get three-times as big. that animal can catch a bird. can grab a bird flying by. >> leap off the ground, catch a bird in flight. this is amazing. >> a youngster. it has big beautiful tufts. it looks really royal. they're from northern africa. and asia. >> and human flesh, jack? i'm getting a little feeding going on. >> i'm sure they will be giving it to you to have no handler on them. >> and rob's friend now. we saw all morning long. >> this is merlin. >> merlin is my man. he is in eveningwear. >> and the story of the penguins, they mate for life. >> if you can imagine, the
8:52 am
female lays the egg. the female sits on it for 30 or 40 days. she takes off and has a good time in the ocean. and comes back when the baby's born. >> the one penguin that does not mate for life, danny devito. it was there. it was there. come on. jumping out. really. >> wow. >> too soon. >> come, now. >> moving on to our tortoise here. >> this is a cottage tortoise right here. this animal's from northern africa. he lives to be over 100 years old. they eat oranges and apples and grasses. what's the difference between the male and female tortoise? do you know, rob? >> no. >> look at the flat shell. that's a female. the male's shell is curved. when you breed with the female, just for anybody to keep asking that question. >> do we know how old this animal is? >> that one there is about 15
8:53 am
years old. and on the front, by the legs there, that can help when they fight each other, that type of thing. they live a long time. these animals do. and that's his home, his shell. he does dig a hole in the ground to stay cool. >> he's trucking there. jack, thank you so much for bringing all of them out. >> knocking it out, saturday mornings, jack hanna on abc. >> he's a sea -- he's jacques cousteau right there. >> i like that. and you can see, as sam just mentioned, "jack hanna's wild countdown" on most abc stations saturdays. we'll be right back. saturdays. we'll[ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at t citibank.
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nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. rob lowe, thanks. you have to come back. >> it was so much fun. >> thank you. it's really fun. >> we have another special guest tomorrow. ann romney will be here tomorrow morning. we're going to have a great wednesday. >> oh, boy. an abc 7 news good morning.
8:57 am
is 8:56. reminder for washington, d.c. residents, today's the deadline register for -- to register vote for next month's election. they also have same-day registration that you can sign polling station on election day to cast a ballot. temporarily leaving the museum, the ruby slippers. of thisl get a sense morning. they will be headed to the london victoria and albert museum and an exhibit about hollywood costumes. a look at turn for the traffic. commuter trains and amtrak, service northng the airport. no amtrak service between d.c. and baltimore notice.rther trying to recover from a crash eastbound 66, just reopened
8:58 am
lanes there. still have the coming out of manassas. germantown, southbound, 70, beltway on the d w parkway, powder mill road. how is the forecast? sunny in front of that is anc camera, which improvement. you will see some blue in the sky periodically. 43 in winchester. thosewe see a few more of sunshine brakes are in the lower 60's. game 70 for the thank you for joining us. more news at n
8:59 am

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